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COLORADO® offers a wide range of extruded transparent coloured polycarbonate sheet. The product is produced with vast knowledge of our production team experienced in producing mono, co and tri-extrusion. The product is virtually unbreakable with extremely high impact resistance and offers high temperature performance too.

COLORADO® provides designers, specifiers and architects with possibilities to use transparent coloured polycarbonate sheets in applications where high clarity and optical performance is required. Arla Plast AB offer a range of standard coloured tints but also offer good colour matching service with low minimum quantities.

APPLICATIONS: For glazing, signs, displays, machine protection and in other applications where a high impact strength and good aesthetics are needed.


  • Wide range of transparent colours
  • More than 10 times the impact strength of high impact PMMA
  • Easy to thermoform or cold bend into complex shapes
  • Half the weight of glass

Physical Properties

Standard size 2050 x 3050 mm 
Thickness range 2 – 12 mm
Embossing ICE™, TEX™, Grain 35, ANTIREFLEX™
Colour Standard colours / custom upon request

Stock Colors

Light Bronze 130, Grey 133, Opal 30%, Opal 50% Standard colours: Medium Bronze 131, Dark Bronze 132, Yellow 700, Orange 710, Red 720, Green 730, Blue 740, DoveBlue 745, Grey/Blue 746, Glass Tint 750. Colour matching service on request.


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