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MAKROCLEAR™ is transparent polycarbonate sheet. The product is produced with vast knowledge of our production team experienced in producing mono, co and tri-extrusion. The product is virtually unbreakable with extremely high impact resistance and offers high temperature performance too.

MAKROCLEAR™ provides designers, specifiers and architects with possibilities to use transparent polycarbonate sheets in applications where high clarity and optical performance is required. The consistent high quality demands from the market helps to improve machining, screen printability and thermoformability

EXCELLENT FIRE PERFORMANCE complying requirements to EN 13501-1 (EUROPEAN BUILDING STD). In case of fire, the sheet will melt and allow venting where heat and smoke will be let out and therefore reduce the growth of fire by flame spread.


MAKROCLEAR™ is the perfect solution for machining protection, safety glazing, ice hockey rinks, vandal protection etc. MAKROCLEAR™ thermoforms very easily and is often used in signs, displays, riot shields, windows, medical equipment, bicycle helmets etc.


  • Good optical quality
  • Half the weight of glass
  • More than 10 times the impact strength of high impact PMMA
  • Easy to thermoform or fabricate
  • Good fire classification

Physical Properties

Standard size 2050 x 3050 mm 
Thickness range 0.75 – 20 mm
Embossing ICE™, TEX™, Grain 35, ANTIREFLEX™
Colour Clear

*Special sizes and thickness on request


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