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Super High Impact ABS with ASA - ASAB401

APPLICATIONS : Automotive parts, roof boxes, signs. Where good UV protection & high impact strength are required.

Product Data Information

Property Method Units Value
Tensile Strength at Yield ISO 527 MPa 36
Flexural Strength ISO 178 MPa 50
Izod Impact Strength ISO 180 J/m 320
Heat Deflection Temperature ISO 75 ºC 97
Vicat Softening Point ISO 306 ºC 95
Density (1) ISO 1183 1.06
Flammability Rating @ 1.5 mm UL94 Class HB
Optical Semi Matt Finish

The above information represents typical property values that are based on information supplied by polymer raw material suppliers.
(1) Density value for natural unpigmented sheet - this value can change, the magnitude of such depending on the pigment
type and loading.

Note: We reserve the right to make alterations without further notice. Information in this data sheet is intended as a guide only. No liability is accepted for loss or damage arising from use or reliance on this information, or if such infringes any patent.

Physical Properties

Sheet Thickness 1.0 - 6.0 mm
Sheet Width 350 - 1520mm

1) > 6.0mm - 8.0mm, MOQ 2 tonnes

A range of embossed surfaces is available in thicknesses greater than 1.5 mm.
For requirements outside these limits please contact your local AEL sales office.


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