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As Australia’s leading plastics consultancy group, Progard has assisted Australian customers from all sectors/industries using polycarbonates.

The strength, optical transparency, durability and tolerance to heat has made them a favourite material for many applications such as automotive glazing, health care safety wear, carbonated beverage bottles, and even optical firmware such as CD/DVDs. Makrolon, a product of Bayer Material Science, is the world’s leader in polycarbonate application, both in its own right, and in the many custom blends to which this remarkable material lends itself.

Makrolon HV

Makrolon® HV polycarbonate sheet was developed specifically for high optics and durability in heavy equipment. As the product of choice, Makrolon HV withstands routine impact and abrasion from tree limbs, rocks, mud, and other debris.

Makrolon MAK-15

Makrolon® 15 Polycarbonate Sheet offers long term weatherability and is backed by a 15 year performance warranty. This performance enhancement is derived from innovative coating technology.

Makrolon AR-2

MAKROLON® AR Sheet is a hardcoated polycarbonate product designed for exceptional durability in harsh environments. The advanced surface treatment provides outstanding resistance to abrasion when compared to uncoated transparent materials.

Makrolon Bayblend MTR

Specify BAYBLEND® MTR high performance sheet products for passenger rail car interiors

• Compliance with new flame, smoke and toxicity standards
• PVC-free
• Lighter, stronger, cost-effective thermoformed wall panels, window reveals, seat backs, and other interior passenger rail car components

Makrolon Bayblend FR-3030

Bayblend® FR 3030 is a flame retardant PC-ABS blend sheet, which meets stringent regulations for fire behaviour, electrical safety, and resistance to chemicals, hydrolysis and heat.

Makrolon Hygard BR-750

MAKROLON HYGARD BR750 laminate is a two-ply MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet and acrylic sheet for security applications that require UL Listed Level 1 bullet resisting glazing.


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