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The Volgren Bus Project

Volgren is the largest Coach Builder of buses in Australia, they have become the leaders and bench mark in this field by investing solidly in R&D to develop the most advanced, safest, state of the art bus built in Australasia.

Part of Volgren’s R&D policy is to align themselves with partners that they can grow with, since 2011 Progard Plastics has been involved as an advisor to Volgren working with engineers on the design and development of the new “Optimus Bus” from its concept design stage right through to production, Progard Plastics assisted engineers with the material selection, design and manufacturing parts for the interior of the bus that are fit for purpose whilst maintaining a very high level of integrity, safety, efficiency and design that will lead the way in future mass transit vehicles.

Progard Plastics has now been asked and invited to also work in conjunction with Volgren partners in China with material selection and design concepts.

The Volgren Optimus Bus


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