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Tuffak Hygard – The Ultimate Laminated Security Product with AR Hard-Coat Technology provides exceptional Resistance to Ballistic Attack, Bomb Attack, Physical Attack, Abrasion, and UV Degradation. Plaskolite is a recognized market leader in the production of high performance thermoplastic sheet for over half a century. As one of the leading suppliers of high performance polycarbonate glazing products, Plaskolite has been at the forefront of security glazing for years. Plaskolites’ range of laminates, featuring Tuffak AR hard-coat technology, assures long lasting surface clarity and resistance to yellowing. Whatever the security application, Tuffak Hygard laminates offer unsurpassed performance versus competitive glass and glass clad polycarbonate products.With its unique multilayer construction, Tuffak Hygard can withstand both physical attack and gunfire from high powered hand guns. This “None Tougher” laminate line offers multiple levels of protection ranging from NATA Australian approved certified containment glazing to Level 3 bullet-resistant material.Tuffak Hygard laminates will not “spider web” or spall. This allows for complete vision, which can be critical for appropriate response in the event of an attack. Typical applications include:Designed for security installations such as detention and correctional centers, government facilities, and banks, MAKROLON HYGARD is being used increasingly for employee protection in 24-hour gas stations and convenience stores as well as other cash transaction areas.

  • Jails/Prisons
  • Detention Centers
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Government Facilities
  • Physical Attack Areas
  • Schools and Institutions
  • 24-Hour Gas Stations and Convenience Stores
  • Drive-Up Windows
  • Train/Bus Glazing
  • Bus Shelters

Tuffak Hygard combines Tuffak AR Technology with the Latest Security Glazing Techniques for High Level Security and Cost Effective Installation.Increasing violent crime, readily available weapons, and larger glazed areas in modern detention centre designs have created a need for higher performing security glazing materials. Plaskolite has developed Tuffak Hygard to meet this need. Consisting of multiple layers of polycarbonate or polycarbonate/ acrylic with bonding interlayers, these “None Tougher”, yet lightweight materials, offer proven resistance to physical and ballistic attack. Additionally, the relative light weight of MAKROLON HYGARD laminates, combined with easy on-site fabrication, give you a competitive edge on remodeling or retrofit projects where timely job completion is essential. Progard Plastics offers MAKROLON HYGARD laminates in six levels of protection ranging from containment rated sheet to UL Level 3 bullet resistant material capable of withstanding multiple rounds fired from superpowered handguns. All Tuffak Hygard laminated products feature hard coated surfaces for exceptional resistance to abrasion and UV degradation and are covered by a limited warranty against coating failure, excessive yellowing, and structural delamination caused by manufacturing defects.

Tuffak Hygard CG375 (Formerly Makrolon Hygard CG375)

Makrolon Hygard® CG375 is a Containment grade sheet in a 0.375″, 2-ply polycarbonate laminate that meets ASTM F 1915 and HP White TP 0500.

Tuffak Hygard CG500 (Formerly Makrolon Hygard CG500)

Makrolon Hygard® CG500 is a containment grade sheet in a 0.500″, 3-ply polycarbonate laminate that meets ASTM F 1233 Class II and HP White TP 0500 Level A Ballistics (.38 Special), single shot, ASTM F1233-98 forced entry test and AS3555-1988 forcible attack test.

Tuffak Hygard CG750 (Formerly Makrolon Hygard CG750) – Ballistic glazing – Level 1

Hygard CG750 containment grade sheet is a 0.750˝ thick, 3-ply polycarbonate laminate that is tested to ASTM F 1233 Class 2.4 and H.P. White TP 0500 Level B Ballistics (9 mm Luger).

Tuffak Hygard BR750 (Formerly Makrolon Hygard BR750) – Ballistic glazing – Level 1

Tuffak Hygard BR750 ballistic grade sheet is a 0.750″, 3-ply polycarbonate and acrylic laminate that meets AS/NZS 2343:1997 – Ballistic Resistant Test – Bullet Resistant Panels and Building Elements G0 rating and UL 752 Level 1 rating for 9 mm ballistic attack. Certificates available on request.All Hygard products incorporate Tuffak polycarbonate sheet produced for high optical quality in security glazing laminates. Exterior surfaces have a proprietary Makrolon AR hardcoat that facilitates cleaning and resists marring, chemical, and graffiti attack.This product is available in clear, Green and Grey tint.

Tuffak Hygard BR1000 (Formerly Makrolon Hygard BR1000) – Ballistic Glazing – Level 2

Makrolon Hygard® Hygard® BR1000 ballistic grade sheet is a 1.000″, 4-ply polycarbonate laminate that meets the UL 752 Level 2 rating for .357 Magnum ballistic attack and HP White TP 0500 Level lV. Unlike glass-clad products, this all-polycarbonate laminate resists spalling and white-out after repeated high force and ballistic impacts, an advantage in maintaining visibility of a threat during an attack.

Tuffak Hygard BR1250 (Formerly Makrolon Hygard® BR1250 – Ballistic Glazing – Level 3

Makrolon Hygard® BR1250 ballistic grade sheet is a 1.250″, 4-ply polycarbonate laminate that meets UL 752 Level 3 rating for .44 Magnum ballistic attack, HP White TP 0500 Level lV, ASTM F 1233 Class 5, AS/NZS 2343:1997 – Ballistic Resistant Test – Bullet Resistant Panels and Building Elements – G1 and G2 ballistic rating.This product is available in clear, Green and Grey tint.

Tuffak Hygard MS1250 (Formerly Makrolon Hygard® MS1250 – Ballistic Glazing – Level 6

MULTI SHOT PROTECTIONHygard MS1250 ballistic grade sheet is a 1.250˝, 4-ply acrylic and polycarbonate laminate that meets UL 752 Level 6 rating for high speed multi-shot 9 mm (Uzi) ballistic attack.Certificates available on request.This product is available in clear, Green and Grey tint.









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