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Progard Plastics is Australia’s most comprehensive supplier of innovative plastics for improved safety in a number of industries. Supplying polycarbonate, protective windshield films, bulletproof windows, riot shields, non slip surfaces and many more plastic products.


Progard Plastics only import quality cast acrylic sheet (also known as Plexiglas) from reputable suppliers. The cast acrylic is manufactured from 100% virgin poly methyl methacrylate monomer (PMMA) which enhances the materials surface hardness, clarity, tensile strength and chemical resistance.

Examples for application:
Boat windows, Displays and display cases, Lighting, Fishtanks, Noise barriers, Point Of Sale, Pool fencing, Shelves, Sight glasses, Working models and signage

Decomir is a mirrored acrylic product made from processed acrylic sheet. Using a process of vacuum metalizing, sheets are given a mirror finish that is protected by the industry’s toughest protective back-coating.

Examples for application:
Ideal for slat walls, point-of-purchase displays, casinos, children’s toys, cosmetic displays and food service applications.

Profoam PVC Foam from Progard Plastics is imported from one of the worlds leading companies in relation to the extrusion of plastic sheets. The PVC Foam sheets have been through many different updates and changes since 2011, now with the lightweight panels they are being used successfully within the advertising and model sector. The reason these products are preferred is because its properties allow thermoforming ease and endless application capabilities

Examples for application:
Foam is growing in uses and is know used in applications ranging from substrates to signage and printing.

New security glazing Implex is an Impact Resistant product that is virtually unbreakable. tested with a hammer, Sledge hammer, Axe and many other items. Implex is the latest product in Security Glazing. Implex® offers impact strength eight times greater than standard acrylic sheet. And because it's an acrylic, Implex® sheet maintains its UV stability, brilliance and clarity for years

Examples for application:
Perfect solution for all architectural and commercial projects require security glazing.

ProFlective 600PM is an unbreakable mirror and the best choice if you are looking for a mirror to excel in the most demanding and harshest environments. Proflective 600PM will not shatter, crack, break or fail - even under extreme punishment.

Examples for application:
Correctional Facilities, Hospitals & Psychiatric Units, Recreational Facilities (Swimming pools/ Gyms), Public Amenities, Traffic & Driveway Mirrors.

Protective XL700GGF from Progard Plastics is a protective film specifically engineered to extend the life of Glass surface. Progard Protective XL700GGF is a Sacrificial Film, after damage has occurred the film can be removed and replaced easily and onsite by a Progard approved installer, therefore providing a cost effective alternative to a total glazing replacement.

Examples for application:
Ideal cost saving solution for the public transport industry (Trams, Trains, and Buses; Bus shelters; Bus and Train stations; Ticket Booths) and for Architectural applications.


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